Customer Reviews

Caitlin: For me, the Signature Flavor was the STAR of the show. It’s just the right amount of crunchy and sweet.

Erin: I am very grateful to find an organic peanut butter from a transparent and local company. Thank you so much for your superb customer service.

Marc O: Looking forward to my favorite breakfast staple this morning...Waffles with a huge smear of PBPB in between.  Subbing regular peanut butter during the past week has been miserable.  Your peanut butter has forever ruined me...hope you are around for many decades to come!

Juan V: The most delicious PB in SD! I would never think of coming to a place like this, but then I thought why not so I gave it a shot. The cinnayum PB is my favorite flavor and it has all the right notes. These guys are super friendly and know what they are doing when it comes to PB.

Kay J: OMG I'm obsessed with the smunchy stuff. I normally buy the pb at the farmers market. I really love this peanut butter. Like, it's the thunder to my lightning, the password to my login, the sugar to my spice, the milk to my cookie, the apple to my mac, the yin to my yang, the sauce to my spaghetti, the macaroni to my cheese, the salt to my pepper and of course, the peanut butter to my jelly. I love it. Best damn pb ever. Life changing.

Lesie W: We meant to give out some of the last batch as gifts but we ate it all. best in pb!

Mark S: My wife and I visited San Diego last month and I tasted Pacific Beach peanut butter for the first time at a downtown hotel; I immediately turned to my wife, upon biting into my fresh morning bagel, with your spread adorning it, and said "this is not Skippy, this is the most incredible peanut butter I've ever tasted!" We ordered a half case yesterday, and I'm telling family and friends to expect a jar! ( when I find a product I like I "spread" the news! Thanks and keep up the great work!

Jenn H: We've been buying PB Peanut Butter for a few years now.  It's sooooooo yummy!  I also have to say that the people who run it are amazing.  Friendly at the Little Italy Farmer's Market, helpful when I order online.  I've sent my husband orders while he's deployed and it's a nice treat for him.  And I really really appreciate that they are willing to go through the hassle of customs forms and shipping overseas.  Thank you!!!  Even when we move from SD, we'll probably still order because this is the best peanut butter EVER.

Victoria S: I recently received a 6 jar order of your Organic Peanut Butter. May I say WOW...!!!!! It is becoming so hard to find Fungus Free peanut butter these days. The organic brands I used to buy no longer use Valencia Peanuts, so the list is dwindling. I was searching the web and I found your company and I will say THANK YOU. Your product is wonderful. Will be ordering again and have already told many friends about your company. Sincere thanks for caring!!!!

Andre V: Hands down the best freaking PB in the whole world, it has a nice texture to it and its healthy my family loves it.

Julie F: I just wanted to take a second to say that I just recently tried PB PB.  I admit that I was skeptical of the wording on the jar about eating it straight - I thought, well of course, what's the big deal? OMG it IS a big deal!!!!!  Once I discovered the magic, that jar was gone within 24 hours. I have been telling all my friends they need to get involved with this!! Thank you!  It is SO delicious I seriously love it.

Caleb P: So I would always by JIF peanut butter and my friends were telling me to go healthier because I eat peanut butter everyday. I don't like the natural peanut butters. Someone recommended me this so I did it. Obviously expecting the nutty flavor I don't like. Then I had a little spoon full... and my gosh I was on cloud 9. I couldn't believe how good it tasted. You guys made a customer for life! I wish you guys could sell them at stores but damn I love your peanut butter. (Caleb-FYI we're in zillions of stores but happy to see you at the farmers markets!!)

Zoey R: Freaking best ever!!!!

Jay B: Shout out to Matthew Mulvihill at Pacific Beach Peanut Butter for awesome customer service! Thank you for going above and beyond my expectations and taking care of your customers! If you're in the market for organic peanut butter, I highly recommend ordering from them! I literally just ate a spoonful of my organic Valencia peanut butter from the jar! I will definitely be ordering all of my peanut butter from Pacific Beach PB in the future!!

Melanie L: The best peanut butter Ive ever had. Seriously, I am a peanut butter connoisseur. Peanut butter is my favorite food, I tasted this at Panama 66 and immediately went back the next day for another peanut butter and jelly sandwich! I will seriously be gifting these for the holidays!

Saleen D: Peanut butter so good I had to come after a 12 hour night shift to pick some up! They can be found at several farmers markets throughout San Diego, & on Saturdays at the Little Italy farmers market.  The guy is always friendly.  I highly recommend sampling all the flavors because you will be hooked!
Signature:  The light crunch of toffee is addicting!  No wonder this is their best seller because it is so darn yummy! Cinnayum:  For the cinnamon lovers!

DP: I was thrilled to find flavored peanut butter while walking through the Little Italy Farmers Market this weekend. Both flavors are just as good at home as they were at the Farmers Market. Definitely worth it!

Katie R: If you're a peanut butter lover, you gotta try them! It's not just about supporting local (though that's defnitely not a bad thing), it just has such perfect texture! I can't explain it. Just try it.

Frederick H: Omg!!!!! This is by far one of the best peanut butters I have ever had. The flavor is to die for. I only wish it would spread a little better but not at the expense of the flavor !!! Well done!

Mallory H: Love! Love! Bought this on a trip to San Diego and brought it back to Kentucky. We have been sharing it with everyone and everybody has fallen in love. Going to have to get some shipped across the country!

Polynsneyes S: My 'Work Spouse' brought this in for us today (-he & his wife found it at a random Farmer's Market)..."For the LOVE of all that is righteous and holy- why have I not had the opportunity to partake in the consumption of such heavenly/goodness?!?" I'm in love! -All that's missing is a righteous chocolate bar to dip it into! NOW, I'm in a mad-scramble to get my hands on this so I can send it to my favorite people (-this would make an awesome Christmas gift!) -Can't wait to try the butterscotch! Ah-MAZING!
"Well-played, PBPB. Well-played!"

Geraldine G: I was looking for a new flavored peanut butter to replace my White Chocolate Wonderful and I found it. It is so delicious! I've eaten more than the serving size.
I have a big issue with sugar but I looked at the ingredients and nutrition facts and noticed it was like normal peanut butter (e.g. Jif) ranging from 6 to 8g of sugar per serving size. So for now this PB will be a novelty thing. It's too delicious.

Lisa A: I was strolling along at the little Italy farmers market and a "flavored peanut butter" sign got my attention. We went over and tested some of them out.  We ended up leaving with the signature (which has a bit of a toffee crunch to it) which was my daughters favorite. This jar didn't even last one week in our home.

Jillian P: I'm in love. I'm a total peanut butter junky, and I absolutely love their signature spread! I'm so excited to try the other flavors!

Andrea S: Amazing, perfect, and delightful! Love, love, love! You guys have truly something special here! Bought three jars today! Yum!!!

Darrick O: Absolutely love this peanut butter!! My favorite by far 

Alisa D: I love this stuff!! Toffee and cinnaYum are my favorites so far!

Edward S: 5 stars for sure.  Best peanut butter in the world made by a true mastermind!

Mandie L: Love this peanut butter. 
I got hooked on it when the owner of PB Peanut Butter brought some by my bar for the manager to try. The jar just sat there.... staring at me! I couldn't help it; I dug in. 
It was the toffee flavored. And it was amazzin. Its lighter than normal peanut butter and has way better flavor. It's locally "grown" as well. The owner explained to me how it was made, with organic stuff and all the but can't recall all the information with out screwing it up a bit :-) just know its good!
I have found PB Peanut butter at pb farmers market and the little Italy farmers market. Tried all the flavors but Toffee is the belle of the ball for sure. Butterscotch is right behind though.