Copacking - Private Label - Contract Packaging

Pacific Beach Peanut Butter manufactures, co-packs, private labels and contract packs all types of nut butters. We've been in business since 2010 and manufacture several retail brands, including our own line of peanut butters in our nut friendly facility.

A few years back, our volume reached a level that we could no longer manufacture ourselves. We looked into co-packing our line of nut butters. We were surprised to learn that finding facilities that would handle nuts was no easy task. Once we did find them, the minimum order quantities were very high, the per unit cost was going to put quite a dent in our margins, and we wouldn't really know when our product would be ready to ship. Our production run would be 'mushroomed' in between much larger jobs. They would get to us when they had some time in between other higher volume customers.

They also wanted us to change the consistency of our product by adding oil to allow it to flow through their equipment more easily. We weren't adding any oil to our products and really didn't want to change our recipe just to make it easier on the co-packer! We made the decision to invest in automated equipment to keep our manufacturing in house. We then expanded that to give other small and medium sized businesses a better option of co-packing for their products.

We are a USA-based peanut butter manufacturer so we understand your needs.

* We know that if even one jar of nut butter leaks, the oil leaks down to all the cases under it on a pallet and you are left with wasted product. That's why we check the lid of every jar by hand before it leaves our facility.

* We know that you can't wait in limbo to see when a facility has time to run your product in between their larger runs. We schedule your production run so you will know exactly when your product will be ready for shipping. And we keep our promises!

* We know there are small businesses that don't need 40,000 jars of product manufactured and shipped out at the same time. Although our equipment can handle both small and large batch sizes, our minimum order quantity is only 1000 units.  This facilitates the launch of new products for our customers.

* We know that cost is a factor. We're happy to speak with you about pricing for your particular product. But for a ballpark number, figure $1.10 - $1.50 per unit processing fee. It's based on the size of your jar and the type and number of ingredients we're mixing. Our processing fee is all-inclusive (measuring, grinding, mixing, filling, capping, heat sealing, labelling, lot and date printing, boxing, and palletizing).

Jars? Lids? Bulk Pails? Not sure what's best? We'll help you figure it out. Please note that we do not fill glass jars with metal lids.

Please note that we do not have refrigeration/freezer or oven roasting capabilities.

Give us a call or shoot us an email to let us know how we can help you.